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Finland 100 years

Happy Independence Day, Finland! The whole world will light up in blue and white for Finland’s 100th anniversary today. The Colosseum in Rome, Adelaide Town Hall in Australia, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and the Niagara Falls in Canada are among the objects donning Finland’s national colors, white

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What is pedagogical leadership?

Finnish schools are led and managed exceptionally well. It is the principals and headmasters who lay the foundation for equality and trust in Finnish schools. It is those people who make sure that teachers and students can perform at their best and achieve outstanding results. This article describes the Finnish

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With small steps and together

This year I have been privileged to meet educational people all around the world. The story and practises of Finnish education are often rather far from the reality of the other countries. For example, the importance of play, respect of individual child, co-operation instead of competition, real life connection of

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