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These are the days

July means holiday month in Finland. Like we tend to say “the whole country is closed“. Kids are enjoying the longest as schools are closed for over 2 months in a row. Time to recharge the batteries and relax the way one feels most convenient for him or her. We

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School Camps and Collaboration with TAKK

Learning Scoop is proud to announce the co-operation with Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK in arranging Finnish Educational School Camps in Tampere region. TAKK is organizing four different theme camps for young people: 1) Adventure Activities in the Wild, 2) Science, Technology and Sustainability, 3) Wilderness skills and Adventure and

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Oi, tudo bem? A Training experience in Brazil

The Brazilian sun is hot and The Brazilian people are warm. When more than forty Brazilian educators are working in co-operative way, the loud and tension is high. I had a nice possibility to deliver three one-week training sessions for educators in Brazil, one week in Rio de Janeiro, one

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