Researching Finland – from book to practice

This summer, one Study Tour participant decided to take a field trip to a faraway place to learn about the most successful and efficient school system in the world.  Mr. Rickbeil from Maryland, USA wanted to see how a different culture educates their kids.  This time he reflects how he got fascinated about Finland and Finnish education system.

“In my research of Finnish education, I did not reach much about flow.  In my tour of Finnish schools, the educational experts and principals that I spoke with rarely talked about flow or its importance in Finnish classrooms.  They didn’t need to.  I saw it firsthand everywhere I went.  The second grade students that walked over to the public library immediately after school were experiencing flow.  The middle school students making pancakes in their home economics class knew about flow.  The teenage high school graduate leading me on a tour of her former elementary school demonstrated flow in all of her work. The teachers working in Finland’s schools enjoyed flow as a regular part of their jobs.  It was everywhere.”

Read the blog here and go with the flow!