EdTech Study Tour

EdTech Study Tour

Students in Finland enjoy among the highest levels in Europe of ICT (information and communications technology) infrastructure provision, high speed broadband connectivity and ‘connectedness’. Learning Scoop provides a themed Study Tour focusing on EdTech (educational technology) to give the overview how information and communication technology is implemented in basic education and what kind of EdTech pedagogical approach we have in Finland. Participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the Finnish education system and the factors influencing its success.

Participants get to know platforms, digital tools and applications which are in use in every day school life and are the newest of new on the field. Participants have a unique chance to reflect the user experiences teachers and students have.

The program includes several visits to EdTech oriented Finnish institutions from kindergarten to upper secondary school, field trips to IT companies operating in the field of education and access to Kohtio conference.

Did you know that:

  • Finland is in the leading group of countries on this indicator with 5 students per computer. Finland ranks higher at all other grades.
  • In Finland the number of students in schools without broadband is lower than the EU average at all grades.
  • In Finland, the percentage of students in schools with a website is above the EU mean at all grades. There are a notably higher percentage of students in schools with a virtual learning environment than the EU mean at all grades
  • In Finland more students are in schools where teachers have spent between 1 and 3 days on ICT professional development activities is above the EU mean, yet frequency of ICT use by teachers is above EU

Survey of Schools: ICT in Education

Target groups: Anyone who is interested in the Finnish education system and especially in EdTech (decision makers, administrative representatives, headmasters / principals, teachers, investors, newspapers etc.)

Objectives: The program gives visitors an overview of the Finnish education system, introduces the possibilities of different learning environments and pedagogical models and offers an up-close and personal view of daily life in the Finnish classroom. Themed Study Tour will give viewpoints to EdTech and school, practical tools and models how to build foundation for EdTech in own community and school.

Next tour dates:
April 8th – 12th, 2019

On request for groups, contact us!

Where: Tampere, Finland


Daily program on Study Tour at 9am- 3pm

Monday: Introduction to the Finnish Education System

  •  Finnish Education system and training routes
    • Introduction to the principles behind the education system
    • Paradoxes of Finnish Education: Less is More, No dead ends etc.
    • Teacher’s role and tasks and teacher autonomy
  • Lunch
  • Orientation to Educational Technology (EdTech)
    • From information seeking to information creating
    • Digital change in Finnish education
    • Media education
  • School visit: EdTech School 1 (Upper Secondary School)


Tuesday: Curriculum and Assessment in the Finnish Basic Education

  • Learning theory and practices in Finland
  • Learner centered learning approach
  • National core curriculum vs. local curricula
  • Curriculum and teaching materials
  • Best National Curriculum in the World – Why Curriculum Reform in Finland? 7 areas of competence in New Core Curriculum
  • Multiliteracy
  • KeyNote Speaker: EdTech, pedagogy and new curriculum at Finnish schools.
  • Assessment in the Finnish Basic Education: continuous assessment, but no national tests
  • An overview on the electronic matriculation examination
  • Lunch
  • Kindergarten visit


Wednesday: Digital Learning Platforms/Environments and Edugames

  • ICT tools, infrastructure and usability
  • EdTech devices, digital teaching and learning applications and programs in basic education
  • Digital learning materials
  • LessonApp – a mobile tool to design quality lessons The Finnish way
  • eBooks
  • Lunch
  • Peda.net and eOppi
  • School visits: Media School or EdTech in Basic Education


Thursday: Kohtio Conference

Kohtio is the leading edge conference for educational technology. We offer impressive presentations and speeches and inspiring meetings for professionals and developers in the field of education. You will find the most up-to-date information and expertise in educational technology and competence development.

  • Transportation to Expo area
  • Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Exhibition
  • Hotel night at Expo area

    Friday: Kohtio Conference

    • Workshop
    • 1to1 meetings with exhibitors (EdTech Developers and EduGame companies)
    • Transportation back to Tampere
    • Evaluation and reflection of the program
    • Farewell Lunch

    Minor changes to content and schedule are possible

    School visits and field trips include:

    • Guided visits to Finnish schools
    • Different types of schools: from pre-primary school to the upper secondary education, which have succeeded in implementing ICT Education as part of daily life.
    • Opportunities to become familiar with each school’s modus operandi and areas scheduled for development
    • Participation in the school’s day-to-day activities: class room, meal time, etc.
    • Opportunities to talk with teachers, students and staff


    Training methods: The program includes introductions by the instructors to the various themes mentioned above, and independent and collaborative activities. Lectures, own experiments and material trials, participating in the national ICT in Education Exhibition. Particular attention will be paid to reflecting and expanding on the experiences the participants have during their visits and field trips. Every study visit or field trip is carefully evaluated.

    Trainers: Learning Scoop is a Finnish company working in the fields of education and training. The staff comprises experienced teachers and experts, who have received excellent feedback on their work. The trainers at Learning Scoop have years of teaching experience gained through the Finnish educational community and through teacher training. Learning Scoop trainers have received outstanding feedback for their well-executed and inspiring training sessions and study visits. Key note speakers are top experts on EdTech industry in Finland.


    Costs: The price for individual participant is 1790e+VAT 24% / person, total 2219,60€

    Group prices:
    5-9 participants in a group the price is 1690e+VAT 24% / person, total 2095,60€
    10-14 participants in a group the price is 1490e+VAT 24% / person, total 1847,60€
    15-19 participantsthe in a group the price is 1350e+VAT 24% / person, total 1674€
    20 or more participants in a group the price is 1200e+VAT 24% / person, total 1488€

    The program includes lectures, study material, visits and transportation to visit places, lunches, 2-day entrance tickets to Kohtio Conference, 1 night accommodation and transportation to Exhibition area and farewell lunch.


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    We offer fixed prices for our customers accordingly:

    Room in Comfort Class for 1 person 100€/night
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    DeLuxe Room for 1 person 130€/night

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    Ellimaija Ahonen
    +358 40 703 7337

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