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Build-up Group -method

This method can be easily adapted to groups of any sizes. In cooperative learning, the group supports its members’ learning, and each member contributes to the group’s learning. The group members learntogether and from each other and help others to learn.

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Developing Thinking Skills

How to map pre-existing notions and knowledge? Team Learning Scoop is happy to share ideas around Orientation in practice.

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Transversal competences in Early Childhood Education

Team Learning Scoop is happy to share tips and examples how to implement transversal competences in practice.

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The Snowball Method

The Snowball Method guides students towards producing knowledge and developing thoughts collectively. The essential thing is not who wrote what but what new perspectives are awakened in one by what was written by another.

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Snowball method

Below is an example of the material for teachers to promote learning. Learning Scoop team created this material especially for schools with limited resources.
Every teacher wants their students to learn.
Sometimes it can be challenging, if the class is big and the students are at different levels of learning.
How can the teacher help every student to learn best in these situations?
On these pages you will find three practical tips that teachers can use to help their students to learn in a big classroom environment. These activities do not require any particular equipment; they can be used in any type of classroom.
You can access the tips by clicking on each module’s icon.
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