3rd International Seminar in Malta

We often say that we have the best job in the world. This was again the case, when we visited Malta last week to train teachers and launch LessonApp Premium there. The devoted, talented and passionate Maltese educators we met during our trip are the source of inspiration for our work!

Team Learning Scoop & LessonApp ready to go! Never have we been travelling with a team of five people (Ellimaija Ahonen missing from the photo) before, but this was a special occasion. Enthusiastic for the challenge!

During the workshop we published the collaboration between Ministry for Education and Employment of Malta and LessonApp: all Maltese primary teachers get an access to LessonApp Premium for the year 2019. Johanna Järvinen-Taubert is handing out the diploma to Minister of Education Evarist Bartolo.

We had two days of workshops on Finnish pedagogy filled with expert presentations, activity-based learning, engaging teaching methods and so much involvement and fun! Here is Tuomas Taubert holding a session about how to integrate physical activity in teaching different school subjects.

In-service teacher training can be joyful and engrossing, too! Thank you all over 300 participants, who so enthusiastically participated in all the activities during the workshops!

Dr Kenneth Vella is the person, who made this amazing trip possible. He is the most reliable partner with incredible networks and ability to make impossible things to happen!

During the workshops our aim was to share Finnish experiences, practices and examples for Maltese educators. Many topics from activating methods to multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based learning were covered. Meri Ahonen explaining her work as a Finnish teacher and teacher trainer here.

We were happy to see, how much new ideas the participants got during the trainings! Thank you for the overwhelming positive feedback we still keep receiving! We were also invited to visit several Maltese schools. Maybe next time… 😉

The four Maltese teachers, that participated in study tour by Learning Scoop in Finland in August 2018, shared their observations about Finnish school life and pedagogy with the rest of the participants. These open-minded, talented and committed teachers are the source of inspiration to other teachers, both in Malta and in Finland!

We also had a chance to meet teacher students in The University of Malta. Tuomas Taubert is explaining the characteristics of Finnish education and pedagogy here. Tuomas together with Ellimaija also presented LessonApp to teacher students and they were excited about the possibilities of the app!

Fruitful meeting and co-creation session with the Directors of Faculty of Education at The University of Malta. Thank you for the valuable feedback – let´s find the ways to make yours wishes come true!


Thank you, Malta, for great collaboration! It is our privilege to collaborate with enthusiastic and skillful Maltese educators!