Education and Sustainability

“Education and sustainability” themed Key Note takes place on Thursday 28th of April at 4:15 pm

What kind of goals do we need for education in the era of the Anthropocene? The importance of critical thinking has increased because we are more responsible for future generations than ever before in the human history. Our behaviour and daily choices have impact on other people, nature and economy on local and global levels. Indeed, human activity has become the most important factor of future of Earth. On the finite planet that raises the question of what is enough and what is good for us. Strictly speaking fundamental thinking, value, attitude and behavioural changes are necessary for human survival. System thinking helps us to recognize that society cannot be constucted on short-term economic requirements because overcoming of the planetary boundaries means, in the end, destuction of economy. Without the well-functioning biosphere there cannot be society and without society there can be no societal functions, including an economy. Moreover happines-enhancing capacity of money is limited. Instead full humannes as goal of education consists of sharing and caring, ties to other people and society, living in harmony with nature, and self-transcendence. It enhances our life satisfaction and also ensures that future generations will be proud of us.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADr. Arto O. Salonen is an adjunct professor at University of Helsinki. The title of his doctoral dissertation was Sustainable Development and its Promotion in a Welfare Society in a Global Age. He has several publications concerning sustainable development, sustainable consumption and social change. His current research is in values, attitudes and behavior change as well as flourishing of life. Welcome to hear more!

Key Note Speaker Arto O. Salonen will have his interesting speech about Education and Sustainability on April 28th at 4:15 pm.