Empowered by nature and art

Finnish summer is short and intensive. We enjoy of it fully. What a power sun, warm and light have! Only people who have longed for it can really appreciate it. We fill us up with summer.

Nature is always near in Finland. One can easily find a lake shore or forest. We have fresh air and peaceful places. If we are able to stop, open ourselves and breath deep, we can feel the empowering power of nature. It is proven by research that even few minutes in forest lower the blood pressure.

Photo Kirsi Männikkö

Photo Kirsi Männikkö

Finland is also a country of summer culture. There is music of all kind, dance, theatre and art just around the corner. Skillful works of culture touch and empower us too in almost magical way.

Everyday life starts in August when schools open their doors again. We Finns take everyday life seriously and at the same time the amount of day light decreases. Our summer power storages run out, unless we notice that nature is still there even the sun is heading south. Culture is still there! Libraries are open and free, music, theatres are open… there is lot of different kind of culture available. We need to feed us all year around and I also hope that our children will find these sources of empowerment and joy.

“Do all schools in Finland have their own forest?” asked our visitor. Almost. Schools have also excellent possibilities for getting to know culture like Art Acr in Tampere.

I wish you fine days of Everyday life!