General Education Study Tour with enthusiastic educationalists

We are having an exciting week going on with our international study tour visitors once again. This time we had a pleasure to have General Education Study Tour participants from Malta, Philippines, USA, Thailand and Hong Kong.  During the first day we covered Finnish Education system and training routes and gave a comprehensive introduction to the principles behind the education system. Learning Scoop experts make sure that all questions will be covered and answered and theorical parts will give a solid foundation to understand the system. Then it is more meaningful to observe the school surroundings and different learning environments.

Teachers and our student guides at Tammela school explained a lot of their school, typical school days and toured us around the premises. Visitors had a chance to talk with teachers and principal, get to know handcraft classrooms (both wooden and textile handcraft), PE hall, language teaching and much more.

At Kanjoni school on Tuesday we attended in the third grade class and we all were greatly impressed by teacher’s professional skills. We also joined outdoors as they had their biology in the forest nearby. The new national core curriculum encourages us to realise that learning happens everywhere – not just inside classrooms!

On Wednesday principal of Sääksjärvi school told about their school. Special teacher and flexible basic education teacher told us about educational support. We also had excellent student guides at Sääksjärvi school! We got to see what integration and inclusion means in Finnish schools and how it is implemented.

Today we got deeper insight to open and flexible learning environments as library – school collaboration. Also art center Taidekaari (Art Bow) was explored to give a wider perspective how it is linked to pupils, creativity, self expression, art and schools.

Tomorrow we will have the last day of the tour and merely focus on Leadership and Management in Finnish Schools. Want to join Study Tours in 2018?

Learning is not processing information – learning is doing.