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An ordinary day at Finnish daycare center

I am an early education teacher, working in Kalkunvuori daycare center. I work in an integrated group where half of the children have special needs, and that is why the group size is smaller (12 children) and the staff resource is bigger than the average (4 adults, of which 2

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Piloting extended pre-primary education in Finland: Striving for improved opportunities and decreased marginalization

Finnish pre-primary education is a bridge between non-compulsory early childhood education and compulsory primary education. Prior to 2015, free pre-primary education was the right of every child, and average enrolment rate was ninety-eight percent. In 2015 pre-primary education became not only the right but also the duty. Currently, pre-primary education

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The Finnish Teenage Boys Who Cook

Team Learning Scoop is happy to collaborate with Dr. Timothy D. Walker  who is an American teacher living in Finland. We are pleased to share one of his posts here, too! *** The Indian recipe said to grease the baking dish. This was my first task. The others on my cooking

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