Learning Scoop at St.Petersburg International Education Forum

In the last week of March Learnign Scoop took part in St.Petersburg International Education Forum. It is annual event comprehensively covering various areas in nowadays education. This year’s agenda included the topic of Healthy school. The actuality of it grows year by year not only in Russia but all over the World. Different approaches and innovations in this sphere were presented. Among them Learning Scoop spoke on wellbeing concept in Finnish basic education.

It is notable that wellbeing term has no synonym in Russian language and only can be translated with complex sentence. Despite the terms and the approaches differences the panel session participants agreed that the whole concept of Healthy School needs constant attention and development on all levels of education system and the element of Health culture is essential here. After panel session our Ambassador of Learning Natalia Gromova hold a master-class on developing Learning Scoop programs for Russian teachers. The Russian market demand is specific and discussion on relevant content offer with Russian teachers was very fruitful.