Natalia Gromova

Beyond Boundaries

Operating in: Russia

Natalia has higher education degree and 7 years relevant experience in the position of school psychologist in Russia. In 2014 she also became a Master of Social Sciences and during three years worked as a teaching assistant at Sociology Department of Yaroslavl State University. Additionally for more than 10 years she was involved in multiple marketing and PR projects connected with international exchanges and heritage tourism. With high expertise on Russian market and business culture now she is getting Master Degree on International Business Management at Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Her practical activities are currently focused on teachers’ advanced training and educational tourism provided for Russian market segment.

We value relationship building among people of different cultural background.  Our selected International Representatives offer great service for international customers.  The representatives abroad are appointed to represent and promote Learning Scoop. They know us and the Finnish Education system and represent the Learning Scoop in a professional manner in their respective country or territory. Our overseas representatives can provide more information and discuss opportunities with Learning Scoop.