Once upon a time in Thailand…

When it is pitch dark in Finland, it is lovely to travel to the sunnier side of the world. Our experts had an opportunity to train teachers and faculty staff of Didyasarin International Preparatory School in Bangkok, Thailand few weeks ago. It was wonderful to meet our study tour participants Lady and Tor again and see their new school. D-PREP is a Nursery-Grade 8 international school which takes the best current educational practices from around the world to form and constantly improve on their approach to education.

The days in Bangkok were full of action, new insights and co-creation as we held a workshop for parents, practical training for school staff and consultation for school management. It was fantastic to see many best practices around the world live and kicking in every day life of the school. For example the idea for wood work classroom rose during study tour in Finland. We were happy to showcase LessonApp – a mobile tool for teachers to design pedagogically wise lessons and apply activating teaching methods in everyday life.


We would like to congratulate D-PREP for creating an outstanding school and impressive learning environments. Thank you for this opportunity to work with your great staff. Looking forward to continuing fruitful collaboration in the future, too.