Productive Learning in vocational education

Hear about the challenges and interim results of the Erasmus+ project PROVED introduced by Heike Borkenhagen

PROVED (“Productive Learning in Vocational Education”) is a two years Erasmus+ project which is performed in Finland, Germany, Greece and Lithuania. The project’s aim is the transfer of Productive Learning from the field of general education to the field of vocational education. The consortium consists of eight partner institutions coming from Finland, Germany, Greece and Lithuania, working in the field of general, vocational or non-formal education. Six of these institutions are members of INEPS. Participants of this workshop are invited to discuss with representatives of the consortium and of each country the project idea, the challenges and the interim results.

It can also inspire other members of INEPS to apply to ERASMUS + for similar projects after the experience gained with PROVED.

This inspiring workshop will be held on April 27th at 1:30pm – have you already registered to INEPS Congress 2016?