Find out more about Productive Learning, Youth work and drug prevention in Greece during INEPS congress workshop held on Thursday April 28th at 1 pm.

What is PLOUTOS in short? Pedagogical Learning trough the Operation and Urging of Teams for Overcoming Social exclusion

In the frame of the program “WE AR ALL CITIZENS-EEA grants”, the project PLOUTOS started in October 2014 and ends in April 2016. There were 200 children between 8-16 years and their families participating.  “PLOUTOS” systematizes and goes deeper in the primary and secondary prevention of drug addiction, addictive behaviors and delinquent situations. With experimental ways, modern pedagogical approaches, Productive Learning methodologies, promotion and acquisition of personal and social skills, counseling and psychosocial support, the children raise awareness and realize issues that have to do with racism and xenophobia, tolerance and intercultural understanding, acceptance of diversity, democracy, solidarity, protection of the human and natural environment and other values. This workshop will offer examples of practical implementation to the pedagogues and youth workers.

Workshop will be led by Angela Passa, Pedagogue-Director of the Youth Centre of “PROTASI” and Vice President of the AC of INEPS.