Promoting Learning – the Finnish Way

In the “Promoting Learning – the Finnish way” INEPS Congress workshop run by Elina Harju and Johanna Järvinen-Taubert, Learning Scoop we discuss about the basic ideas and structures of the Finnish education. Is it true that there are no dead ends, but one can always carry on, no matter what choices he has made earlier? What does is mean that “less is more”? Co-operation rather than competition, really? We welcome our foreign guests to join us, but also would like to have some Finnish participants to challenge our thoughts.IMG_2734

In India and in East-Finland Iisalmi, in both places, we talk in teachers further training about interaction and learners´ own activity.

India and Iisalmi are very far from each others in many ways, but the main question is the same: how to support learning. When talking with your friend, more happens in your brain than when just listening. Once you are forming your own questions or drawing a summary together learning goes deeper. Your brains are working and it also feels good.

But how to arouse interest? World is extremely interesting place, but sometimes school have difficulties to find the interesting viewpoints. It helps, if the matter touches learner´s own life. Sometimes just good task setting makes learners curious. Curiosity and motivation are friends. Motivation empowers..

Fortunately, teachers are interested in supporting learning and have motivation for further training. “The day went by so quick and we had such a good time. My head is full of ideas. We decided with the colleague to carry on these ideas together.” Such comments are also common for both India and Iisalmi. Those comments encourage trainers. If teachers want to be active and share their thoughts in their training I would guess that students would like the same as well?

Join along Bright Educion for All! INEPS Congress workshop Wed April 27th at 11 am.