Methods for Improving Learning

The world around us is constantly changing and predicting the future is challenging. This change affects learning and teaching as well. It is not only important what we learn but how we learn.

The starting point of Finnish education is student centredness and the idea of the student’s own activeness is emphasised. Learning is not memorization; it aims towards deeper understanding through the students own actions and activeness.

Another important characteristic of Finnish education is the importance of peer learning. Students learn best when working collaboratively by gathering information and solving problems together.

The teaching methods used play a significant role in what and how students learn. Many different teaching methods are adapted to and used in Finnish schools that promote and support students’ deeper learning.


Learning Scoop offers customers tailored programmes on the following themes:

  1. Current Methods for Improving Learning
  2. Cooperative Learning
  3. Action-based Learning Methods
  4. Open and Flexible Learning Environments
  5. Developing as an Adult Educator


Scope: Teaching methods training can last from 1 day to 2 weeks. The courses will be tailored to suit the needs of each client

Objectives: In this programme, participants will be familiarized with teaching methods used in Finnish education. The goal is to give teachers new and practical teaching and working methods that can be adapted to their own teaching.

Target group: Anyone who is interested in teaching and teaching methods (e.g. teachers, principals, teacher trainers, etc.)


Training methods:

The training is highly practical. There are lectures, group discussions and different kinds of exercises. Many of the teaching and learning methods presented will be practiced. This way, the participants get concrete experiences of the new teaching and learning methods.