Cooperative Learning

Methods for Improving Learning

Cooperative learning is an approach where students work in groups to complete tasks toward academic goals collectively.

Students benefit from one another’s resources and skills (e.g., ask one another for information, evaluate one another’s ideas, monitor one another’s work, etc.). Cooperative learning includes many different kinds of learning methods that lead to excellent learning results.


Programme contents:

  • What is cooperative learning?
  • The main principles of cooperative learning
    • positive interdependence,
    • face-to-face promoting interaction,
    • individual and group accountability,
    • practicing social skills, and
    • group processing and assessment.
  • Different kinds of cooperative learning methods
  • Evaluation in cooperative learning
  • Results of cooperative learning


Training methods:

The training is highly practical. There are lectures, group discussions and different kinds of cooperative exercises. Many of the cooperative learning methods presented will be practiced. This way, participants get concrete experiences of the cooperative learning methods.


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