Current Methods for Improving Learning

Methods for Improving Learning

The training investigates the thinking behind Finnish education as well as the learning concepts supporting it. How can learning be guided? What is a learner-centred approach in education and what does it look like in practice?

This training programme concretely introduces what kinds of teaching methods are used in Finnish education today. During the training, participants will also examine what methods are becoming more common in Finnish education through, for example, the new national curriculum.


Programme contents:

  • Theory of learning
  • How to guide learning
  • Learner-centred learning approach
  • Different kinds of learning methods, such as:
    • collaborative learning methods,
    • action-based learning methods,
    • enquiry-based learning, and
    • future factory working methods
  • Different kinds of teaching and learning approaches, such as:
    • phenomenal learning,
    • enquiry-based learning,
    • problem-based learning
    • blended learning,
    • flipped classroom, and
    • situated learning.


Training methods:

The training is highly practical. There are lectures, group discussions and different kinds of exercises. Many of the teaching and learning methods presented will be practiced. This way, the participants get concrete experiences of the new teaching and learning methods.
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