Open and Flexible Learning Environments

Action-based Learning Methods

The world around us is constantly changing, and predicting the future is challenging.  This change affects learning and teaching as well.

The world is full of learning possibilities that schools should also use. Currently, libraries, museums and other cultural actors have pedagogical knowledge and interests, and they are willing to work with educational institutes. In addition, the  Internet and media are full of learning material: problems, viewpoints and possibilities. Learners live in the middle of a rapidly moving media world. They have and need new skills to deal with it.   How are our learning environments changing and how do we keep up?


Programme contents:

  • Living library workshops – libraries supporting formal and non-formal learning
  • Museums and cultural actors supporting formal and non-formal learning
  • Media and learning – media education and its tools
  • The world of work as a learning environment
  • Developing cooperation and collaboration within and between learning institutions
  • Guided visits to open and flexible learning environments in the Tampere region


Training methods:

The module consists of lectures, group discussions, demonstrations, exercises and guided visits.  The possibilities of open and flexible learning environments are widely used during this training. The methods used in this module give practical examples of various learning possibilities being used creatively.


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