Spinning Ideas in Activate Learning

As Vocational Brazilian Teachers members of the 3rd edition of the Vocational Education Training Program (VET) at Tampere Applied Sciences University (TAMK) we bring our cultural and background knowledge to share and learn more from this workshop participant. Therefore, this workshop will draw on our recent activate learning experiences at TAMK and throw some practical and spinning ideas so participants will be able to share their own experiences and ‘play’ with us while using some practical teaching and activating tools. Moreover, we will enhance the interdisciplinary approach in order to promote collaborative knowledge production and work among teachers, something they can take back home and share with their peers.

Keywords: ideas, activating learning, interdisciplinarity

Workshop will be led by Elisangela Barbosa and Jamylle Ouverney-Kingand it takes place on Thursday April 28th at 10:30 am. Welcome!