Study Tours – connecting people

Study Tour offers a clear picture of Finnish school system, curriculum and teaching methods in real action. I’ve found three terms to describe this experience; professional, organized and honest. Professionality appears in the way these tours are held. All the trainers and hosts are clearly highly educated and well prepared. I liked the way how each trainer had their own way of performing their areas. You could see how these trainers threw themselves in and consequently created an open environment for all the participants.

With Study Tour participants from Bolivia getting to know Early Childhood Education and Care practices in Finland.

From words to action.
Carefully designed and organized content of the study tour deals Finnish education in many aspects. Lessons were really interesting and pedagogical and the topics were chosen individually by considering the interests of participants. Finnish education is mainly based on the fundamental values. By visiting several schools participants have an opportunity to observe it. School visits are offering face to face communication with Finnish educators and students. It gives an excellent example how everything is working at the grass roots. These various approaches will give participants an opportunity to gather all the information what’s needed.

But the most important thing is – Study tours connect people.
Shouldn’t education be the key to improve the whole world? As a future teacher I strongly believe that by sharing our ideas, methods and knowledge we are in the position to make this possible for each teacher and student out there. Study tour trainers put honestly all their cards on the table. We got a clear overview of Finnish education containing all of its aspects. Like opening the door to Narnia you’ve got an opportunity to open the door to the miracle of Finnish education. It’s easy and simple, come and see.

Katariina Schrey
Class teacher to be
Bachelor of Education

Study Tour connecting Finnish students and teachers with education enthusiastics from Malaysia, USA and Saudi Arabia.

At the Forest Day Care Center – nice way to warm up in a hut!