To care, educate and council

On Thursday April 28th at 1 pm Bright Education for All! INEPS congress introduces one interesting workshop session by Simo Uusinoka and it is themed “To care, educate and council” (Häme University of Applied Sciences).

What is it all about?

Inclusive vocational school is something we try to promote in Finnish education system. This means that we commit to the idea of one school for everyone. Such a commitment means a widespread change to ways of operation in vocational schools. Individual learning paths will underline teacher’s abilities to guide and council their students. We are also moving towards competence-based vocational education which will challenge our upper secondary education for example in its relation to learning outside the school. The key question in this is how we recognize the learning our students do outside the formal school and how it will be taken into consideration concerning individual learning paths.

We will also have a look into the reform of Finnish vocational education in the perspective of vocational education teacher training. The ways and methods of counselling and teaching especially in informal education settings are also topics in this workshop. One issue in this workshop is Special education needs students. How the reform of vocational education will affect their possibilities to achieve proper vocational education?