With same tools: School´s homepages and electronical books

On Wednesday April 27th at 11 am Bright Education for All! INEPS congress introduces one interesting workshop session by Jouko Jokinen, Peda.net

logo-peda.net-in-white-box-512Peda.net is a unique Finnish Learning Environment

The Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER), project manager Jouko Jokinen

Tools: It would be good if the participants had tablet or mobile of their own with internet connections. Anyway it is not necessary.

We have created a unique system where

Schools homepages work same time as a learning environment. Classrooms and learning subjects have public homepages of their own and same time they work as a learning environment.

Pupils have their own profiles where they can save things they have done in the school and at home (projects, stories, videos and pictures…)

Pupils will have access to this profile after they`ve finished studying (supports lifelong learning)

With same simple tools our partner e-Oppi has made electronical schoolbooks:

they work themselves as a learning environment

every classrooms student studies together within the same book. So they also learn from each others.

teachers can totally free modify books as they wish.

Books stay in students own profile after they´ve finished school and also supports lifelong learning

Whole system is global and in the end of the workshop we create own profile ”OmaTila” to every participant for their own global co-operation.