The Scoop on Finland

It is our pure delight to share this fantastic blog done by two Principal Study Tour participants during last week´s study tour.  The aim was to explore the aspects of school administration including pedagogical leadership and a learner-centered approach, school finance and human resources, collaboration with stakeholders, counseling and student welfare

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We enable meaningful learning

Basic Education (K-9) Study Tour and Principal Study Tour kicked off the Autumn semester 2018. Team Learning Scoop had the privilege to encounter enthusiastic and skilled educators from Abu Dhabi, Australia, Malta, New Zealand and USA. Basic Education group focused on getting to know cornerstones of Finnish education: Finnish Education system

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Shared passion – the best passion

Last week we were privileged to have Basic Education (K-9) Study Tour participants in Finland with us to explore the miracle around Finnish education success story. All the talented teachers and educators were passionate about developing their school communities, every day lessons and themselves as teachers. Many of them were

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SPARK Ignites Finland

Finland. As a word, and as a nation, it has become synonymous with innovative education and non-traditional teaching practice. What better place to visit when designing a blended learning high school model? SPARK Schools is a growing network of affordable schools in South Africa with a vision to lead global

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Non scholae sed vitae

All learning starts from the students. As teachers, it’s necessary for us to know how to maximize learning in school. For that we need the knowledge of different learning styles, teaching methods and learning environments. Studies show that students learn better when they enjoy their time at school. Friendly, trustful

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Full STEAM ahead!

As You may know Finnish teacher education produces two different kind of teachers for the basic education. Subject teachers mostly work at lower secondary schools teaching students aged 13-16 year old and class teachers who teach at primary schools where students are 7-12 years old. Both have Master´s degree and

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