Can we Finnish our school?

I think many people understand that Finland is the gold standard in education. But what specifically are the Finns doing? Can we Finnish our school? Last Autumn I participated in a one-week study tour of schools in Finland because I wanted to see things for myself. It was so interesting

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Teachers going online

I’ve been teaching in a Finnish high school for about 25 years and I have seen a lot. Never before has the change in pedagogy been this fast. Different online materials and programs have changed the everyday life of a teacher a lot. First, I’d like to mention Wilma, a

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What does quality service mean to us?

  Visit Finland is a national authority owned by Finnish Government and it has an active role in promoting international travel to Finland. Visit Finland organized an “Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product” contest, and we were honored to receive the first prize in the category of professional programs for teachers.

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