Teachers going online

I’ve been teaching in a Finnish high school for about 25 years and I have seen a lot. Never before has the change in pedagogy been this fast. Different online materials and programs have changed the everyday life of a teacher a lot. First, I’d like to mention Wilma, a

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What does quality service mean to us?

  Visit Finland is a national authority owned by Finnish Government and it has an active role in promoting international travel to Finland. Visit Finland organized an “Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product” contest, and we were honored to receive the first prize in the category of professional programs for teachers.

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Education, society and economical growth – what is the equation?

Learning Scoop Latin America representative, Beatriz Arze, performed in a radio program “Business Frequency” in Bolivia last Friday. The program is part of a Bolivian Business Magazine, and it is specialized in economy and business. Since education is closely tied to economic growth, societal development, business environment and people’s wellbeing,

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Activating methods in classroom

A teacher stands in the front of the classroom and talks. Students are listening, maybe taking notes. After the lecture students write their notebooks and fill out exercises. Sounds familiar? This model of teaching where a teacher pours information and pupil´s role is just to listen and sit still,  is

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Can we play some more?

This is a question our users often get asked by their students after a Seppo lesson. When teachers choose to use games in teaching, in the best case, it’s a game changer also for their students learning. Students’ instant engagement and eagerness to play are just some of the benefits

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