EU for Inclusive Teaching

EU for Inclusive Teaching project is now officially launched! EU 4 Inclusive Teaching is an EU-funded project which aims at introducing an inclusive teaching model and a competence-based curricula  in the pre-university education system in Albania. The project will address the clearly stated need to modernize the teaching profession (competence-based

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Education Outside Classroom – The secret ingredient of Finnish education excellence

Education outside classroom (EOC) is often characterized by curriculum-based educational activities practiced outside the school buildings, in natural (e.g., a park or forest) or cultural (e.g., a museum or library) settings. EOC includes for example versatile field trips, visits to museums, and various ways of outdoor learning. In addition, EOC

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Edufication and Learning Scoop join forces to export Finnish expertise on developing the education sector

Edufication, a service created in South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, and Tampere-based Learning Scoop have agreed on cooperating in producing and publishing educational material. Learning Scoop offers Study Tours, seminars, and training programmes for educators around the globe. The coronavirus pandemic caused a stall in educational travel in Finland.

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Finland through an immigrant’s eyes

Freedom of expression, communication, unleashed creativity, valuing other’s opinion and encouraging dialogues, amongst many other attributes, have featured my university studies in a country that has been dominantly ranking the happiest in the world for several years, and more importantly one of the top countries for higher education studies. I

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