Basic Education (K-9) Study Tour

Basic Education (K-9) Study Tour

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Where: Tampere, Finland.
Daily program on Study Tour at 9am- 3pm


Monday: Introduction to the Finnish Education System

  • Finnish Education system and training routes
    • Introduction to the principles behind the education system
    • Paradoxes of Finnish Education: Less is More, No dead ends etc.
    • Teacher’s role and tasks and teacher autonomy
  • School visit


Tuesday: Curriculum and Assessment in the Finnish Basic EducationKids2 _assignment_Learning Scoop

  • National core curriculum vs. local curricula
  • Curriculum and teaching materials
  • Assessment in the Finnish Basic Education: continuous assessment, but no national tests
  • Learning theory and practices in Finland
  • Learner centered learning approach
  • School visit


Wednesday: Educational support: Inclusive education, guidance, counselling and student welfare services

  • What does integration and inclusion mean in Finnish schools and how it is implemented?
  • Categories of support and counselling practices
  • The aims and practices of student welfare services
  • School visits: School with integrated classeswe-have-always-done-it-this-way


Thursday: Co-operation in Basic Education 

  • Collaboration between teachers and multi-professional co-operation
  • Co-operation with parents
  • Co-operation with other institutes and organizations supporting schools and learning
  • School visit


Friday: Leadership and Management in Finnish Schools

  • The role and tasks of a principal in Finnish schools
  • Shared leadership as a basis for Finnish education
  • School visit
  • Evaluation and reflection of the program
  • Farewell lunch

This is an example program. Minor changes to content and schedule are possible

School visits include:

  • Guided visits to Finnish schools
  • Different types of schools: from pre-primary school to the upper comprehensive school, small, large, special needs, etc.
  • Opportunities to become familiar with each school’s modus operandi and areas scheduled for development
  • Participation in the school’s day-to-day activities: class room, meal time, etc.
  • Opportunities to talk with teachers and students


Excursions and cultural experiencies: There are plenty of excursions and evening activities available. Are you interested in Boat Tour or seeing Finnish Wilderness? How about Sauna Experience or Ice hole swimming? Read more about Finnish Excursions and Experiences here.

We are happy to tell more!

Training methods: The program includes introductions by the instructors to the various themes mentioned above, and independent and collaborative activities. The training methods are widely used in the Finnish education system. Particular attention will be paid to reflecting and expanding on the experiences the participants have during their visits to various educational institutions in region. Every study visit program is carefully evaluated.

Trainers: Learning Scoop is a Finnish company working in the fields of education and training. The staff comprises experienced teachers and experts, who have received excellent feedback on their work.

The trainers at Learning Scoop have years of teaching experience gained through the Finnish educational community and through teacher training. Learning Scoop trainers have received outstanding feedback for their well-executed and inspiring training sessions and study visits.

Costs: The price for individual participant is 1350e+ possible VAT 24% / person

Group prices:
10-14 participants in a group the price is 1050e+ possible VAT 24% / person
15-19 participants in a group the price is 950e+ possible VAT 24% / person
20 or more participants in a group the price is 850e+ possible VAT 24% / person

The program includes lectures, study material, visits and transportation to visit places, certificate of participation, school lunches and farewell lunch. Watch a video what happens during education study tours in Finland!

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