Annikki Järvinen

Key competencies: Teacher training, learning at work, professional development, organizational learning, managing learning, higher education, adult education

Ph.D. (Education)

Work experience:

  • Professor in Adult Education, Faculty of Education, University of Tampere
  • Substitute associate professor and senior researcher, University of Tampere
  • Chair of executive board of the Professional Development Programme: Research-supported Development of Working Life at Tampere University
  • Director of the research projects, University of Tampere
    • ”Learning at work as a resource for development of employees and work community” supported by the Academy of Finland
    • ”Work, Organization and Training” supported by the Academy of Finland
  • Docent in nursing and medical education in Faculty of Medicine, University of Tampere
  • Director in the Research Department of Higher Education at the National Research Institute of Education 1989-91, University of Jyväskylä
  • Research assistant, researcher, educational planner and senior lecturer in the Research Institute of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tampere
  • Supervisor of 15 doctoral thesis in Adult Education and Nursing Education
  • Visiting lecturer in most Finnish universities and many vocational colleges, themes including: development of higher education, professional development, teacher training research, learning at work and workplaces, managing learning etc.
  • Trainer and consultant in many national postgraduate programmes for teacher trainers and adult educators, and mentoring programmes in public and private sector
  • Vice-president at the board of International Women´s Management Insitute (WoMan) in Tampere, Finland
  • Over 70 scientific articles and other publications in the area of adult education, higher education, professional education, workplace learning, etc.
  • Presentations and academic papers in many international conferences in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Africa
  • Memberships at several different scientific organisations and boards

Experience in international co-operation:

  • Member of a steering committee of Series of International Conferences on Experiential Learning (ICEL)
  • Chair of the organising committee for the International Conference on Assessing Quality in Higher Education, in Finland
  • Chair of the organising committee for the 6th International Conference on Experiential Learning, in Finland
  • National co-ordinator of a LEONARDO-project: Analysis of sectoral training policies towards small and medium sized companies
  • Chair of scientific committee for the VII International Congress of Educational Cities, in Tampere, Finland
  • Chair of organising committee for the III International Conference on Researching Work and Learning, in Tampere, Finland
  • Chair of a Finnish research group, which was a partner in the international workplace learning research network organized by University of Calgary, Canada

Annikki Järvinen

PhD, Professor Emerita, Supervisor of Teacher Academy Finland
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