Everybody can succeed – Flexible Basic Education in Finland

Examples and experiences will be displayed at INEPS Congress on Thursday April 28th at 1 pm by Kari Rajaorko, Haaga School, Helsinki and Juha Lahtinen, Learning Scoop.

Flexible basic education activities are part of grades 7–9 basic education. It is designed to match the objectives and contents of the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education.

In this workshop we will have an opening discussion or interview between Juha and Kari about what kind of pupils get the best benefit from Jopo-classes (flexible basic education-classes). After that we will create together with participants the profiles of “good student and not-so good student” – for this kind of pedagogy.

We are focusing the questions like:

  • Who are the pupils we are able to support
  • How to reduce dropping out of basic education
  • How to prevent exclusion
  • How to reinforce pupils’ school motivation and life skills
  • How to complete the basic education syllabus
  • How to support pupils’ transition to upper secondary level and
  • How to provide skills for coping with studies

The workshop will offer the space to think and speak about target groups, values and methods.