Feel All Bright in Dark Café!

Tampere University of Applied Sciences welcomes all to have a cup of coffee in Dark Café on Wednesday April 27th from 1:30pm-3pm. The Dark Café will be created aside the INEPS Congress and run together with Association of young people with visual impairment and students of wellbeing and social studies. The Dark Café will be organized as part of Wellbeing Week of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

How previous participants have had it?

“It felt very empowering to sense the atmosphere by hearing and touching instead of seeing.”

“Very interesting experience! The girl guiding and serving us was extremely pleasant and she told a lot about herself and about experiences she has faced during her life as blind. On the other hand I was a bit worried how I would manage myself if I were blind. I poured tea quite well while assisted.”

“The totally dark room felt really distressing as I hadn´t prepared myself at all!”

Join along and give it a go!