Grand Opening of Finland Education Shop by Learning Scoop

Why Finland Education Shop?

“You should definitely make an online course of this theme!”

“Is there a web shop where we can buy these products?”

It’s been literally for years that we have heard these comments and questions. While training international education experts around the world and presenting Finnish educational ideas, practices, material, and products, there has always been this question: “How can we access these resources from home?”

Even though we understood that there is a genuine need for quality educational resources for educators around the world, we never seemed to have time to proceed with our online courses or web shop plans. (Even though we originally reserved the domains already in 2018 😊!). Team Learning Scoop was for several years too busy with organizing study tours in Finland and training education experts in all continents to really execute our plans for sharing our resources online.

And them came COVID-19. Nobody was able to travel anywhere. Teachers around the world were struggling with distance teaching. With no physical mobility allowed, everyone turned even more to online resources to find advice, ideas, inspiration, and tools that really work.

It was “now or never” moment for us. Finally, we had the time needed to design a marketplace for Finnish digital educational products. Finally, we were able to produce online courses to share our experience and expertise. Our ultimate goal was to help teachers and schools: to provide them with a place where they could find quality products to support them in their work and promote their professional development. We wanted to make these state-of-the-art educational solutions available for everyone. That´s why we established Finland Education Shop.

Why Finland? Of course, there are great professional tools for educators from different countries. But we know from the work we have done for years that many experts from all over the world wonder what makes Finnish education so successful. What could the world learn from Finland?

For those professionals who are curious about Finland’s success in international learning comparisons, there has not been an easy access to Finnish educational solutions. Or those education experts who are fascinated by Finland’s ability to combine excellent learning outcomes with students’ happiness and wellbeing, there has not been a place to get to know the resources that reflect the unique educational approach of Finland.

Finland has declared to be the happiest country in the World in 4 consecutive years now. Many people want to know, how Finland has been able to rank among the top performers in international learning comparisons and provide such a high quality, student-centered, yet relaxed and stress-free schooling for all children equally. It’s not a secret. Finland’s excellent learning outcomes are the result of research-based pedagogy and its innovative approach to teaching and learning among other things. Finnish education professionals are more than happy to share our approach, practices, and experiences with colleagues around the world. After all, Finland has got a lot of great ideas from other countries too. And we trust that educators from all over the world are experts in their own country, culture and context. By getting to know Finnish ideas, they can decide, which of them can be applied in their own work and own country.

Together with skilled education companies from Finland we are introducing curated, quality products for you to enjoy. The unique educational approach of Finland is manifested in different professional products available in Finland Education Shop. Self-study Online courses and live Webinars explain the Finnish pedagogy from different perspectives and offer practical tips to apply in your own work. Different digital applications provide teachers with concrete professional tools that are based on Finnish educational expertise. With these tools you can bring a piece of Finnish education to your classroom! There are several e-books about Finnish education coming to foster teachers’ professional development. Furthermore, you can experience a glimpse of Finnish education virtually and visually and when we are finally able to travel again, you are welcome to witness the Finnish education miracle yourself on a Study Tour! And this is just the beginning – there are many more exciting things coming. Stay tuned for updates!

We believe that sharing is caring. By learning from each other, we can improve the quality of education worldwide. We hope we can help you in your professional development. We are happy to receive feedback and co-create.

Welcome to the community of learning!