Innovation Institute: Focusing on the Finnish Line – Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

The 5th annual Pine Crest School Innovation Institute Conference will be taking place in April 15th – 16th 2018 in Florida, USA. Learning Scoop Experts Elina Harju and Johanna Järvinen-Taubert as Keynote Speakers will be sharing our knowledge regarding The Finnish school system and teaching practices.

Participants will learn from Finnish education experts about their approach to entrepreneurship education in all grade levels from elementary to high school.

Attendees will gain also knowledge regarding:

  • The Finnish school system and teaching practices
  • Using robotics to teach coding (grades PK-12)
  • Developing engaging spaces for learning and innovation
  • Strategies for integrating innovation and technology into the core curriculum
  • Valuable insight into the future of education
  • Strategies for cultivating curiosity and inquiry
  • Using virtual reality to enhance instruction
  • Using entrepreneurship education as a means for getting students to think deeply about real-word problems
  • Developing an understanding of the importance of MakerEd
  • Learning how to integrate MakerEd into the core curriculum
  • Observing Innovation and Technology Specialists infuse advanced technologies into the curriculum
  • Understanding how Social and Emotional Learning is vital for students in our ever-changing world

you can find the detailed program for Google Summit and Innovation Institute Conference. If you are interested in finding more or joining the conference, please visit Pine Crest School Innovation Institution webpages.