Jussi Häikiö

Everyone is special.

Jussi Häikiö has been working in the Finnish Education sector and teaching almost 30 years. Last 10 years he worked in European School Brussels, seconded by the Finnish National Agency of Education. These years in the European Commission School brought him a wide knowledge and understanding of the international school community and different pedagogical cultures. Before Brussels Jussi worked as a class teacher in primary schools, special needs schools and hospital school in Helsinki. He consulted other schools and teachers in special needs education.

”Every child has a capacity to learn and a right to enjoy learning.”

Jussi has also worked several years as a drama teacher in secondary school. Drama and theatre and Art as a school subject are near and dear to his heart.

”Drama is a great way to express oneself and learn, it motivates the students and create self-esteem and creative atmosphere.”

”The School is a social community, based on human interaction between individuals that the organization supports and facilitates. Teachers as collegial community of professionals, children of different age and abilities with their diverse homes and parents, and the school’s relations to the society, culture, nature and work form all together a safe and supportive ground for growth.

The current complex of the life and the world, also with new threats and risks as part of reality, requires resilience and constant building of capacities and institutions. And aiming high, the schools and education are our strong instruments to achieve peace, prosperity and personal happiness.”

Master of Education
Bachelor of Drama Education
Consultant in Special Needs Education
Class teacher, Special class teacher and Drama teacher

Key competences and passion:
The Finnish Education System and Basic Education, Special Needs Education and learning support, Different Learners, School as a teaching and learning community, Teacher training, Drama Education and Education export.