Kaisa Tuomarla

Together everyone achieves more

Key Competences and passion: New Finnish Curriculum in theory and practice in grades 1-6, Cooperative learning as the basis of a learning process, Action-based Learning Methods, Teachers working together as well as their students.

Master of Education
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Class Teacher, Pedagogical Specialist,
Team Building Program Entrepreneur

T– Together
A -Achieves
M– More

Kaisa Tuomarla has been working as a class teacher in Tampere, Finland for 17 years (grades 1-6 and all subjects). She has a great enthusiasm in activity-based learning, using various teaching methods. Kaisa Tuomarla has led several projects with children based on teamwork and children teaching one another: letting children to study and make their own research, using different kinds of learning environments etc. Her passion is in developing the skills that the future requires: social knowledge, teamwork skills, ability to listen and to work with other people.

Being a member of school´s management team for years Kaisa Tuomarla is experienced in organizing Finnish school work and developing for example the new co-operation models between basic education and pre-primary education.

Based on her knowledge and expertise she has trained other teachers, too: during past few years she has for instance worked in Tampere-Mwanza School Project in Tanzania, trained various international groups in Learning Scoop, Finland, and also developed global education and multicultural education materials for the City of Tampere.

Kaisa Tuomarla takes ideas from her special interests: Steiner pedagogy and adventure pedagogy.  When not teaching or training she produces adventurous programs and team building activities for students, colleagues and adult groups in corporations, too. She is an enthusiastic and multi-talented teacher, trainer and colleague with warm and close relations with her pupils and their parents.