Learning about Sustainable Education during a study tour

Study Tour season is on!
During one of the coldest weeks of the Winter in Finland we welcomed a group from the tropical Bahamas🇧🇸🇫🇮. Sustainable education was one of the most important topics that resonated with our visitors. Our experts introduced them many topics such as Versatile learning environments, Curriculum & Assessment, Educational Support and Co-operation between school, parents and other stakeholders.
“What a week! We learnt; we laughed, we grew! This experience was exceptional and the experience was one of a kind. Elli is par excellence as a knowledgeable and helpful host. ALL presenters and the schools were top notch and there is NOTHING I would have changed. My team and I would highly recommend this world-wide.”
This is the best professional development program I have ever experienced. Thanks Learning Scoop!
A big thank you to local schools for welcoming these wonderful, progressive educators!
We look forward to hearing and seeing what happens next in the Caribbean islands and how sustainable education is put in practice! 💚 We would like to thank also EduGems Finland for initially igniting the fire around sustainable education. 
Next Study Tour in early March focuses on Early Childhood Education and Care – are you interested in joining?