Non scholae sed vitae

All learning starts from the students. As teachers, it’s necessary for us to know how to maximize learning in school. For that we need the knowledge of different learning styles, teaching methods and learning environments.

Studies show that students learn better when they enjoy their time at school. Friendly, trustful and open-minded atmosphere leads to wellness as well as better learning results. To achieve this goal it’s extremely important to consider in advance the framework of the lesson – not forgetting the aims and purposes of each method.

Cornerstones of planning lessons: warm-up, motivate, learning environments.

At the Faculty of Education, Department of teachers’ education we’ve been educated to plan our lessons. University degree guarantees for each graduated teacher all the acquirements what’s needed in their work. Our degree includes several studies in educational and psychological field and additionally several periods for teaching practices.

Every student is an individual who has different ways to learn and understand things. Carefully designed lesson plan helps teacher to consider the needs of each student. When planning the lesson beforehand, teacher has an opportunity to choose the best methods and learning environments for every subject. For some lessons this could mean working outside with another class and with another group solving mathematical problems in pairs by using the computers. Everything is up to teacher.

Our schools, educators, principals and teachers have a huge responsibility to teach and raise civilized citizens. Like Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL) has stated, education builds a base for lifelong learning and it should be seen as a solution for ecological, economic and cultural problems. We don’t go to school to learn how to calculate, draw or work in groups. We go to school because we need these skills in our lives. Non scholae sed vitae.

A Finnish innovation called LessonApp gives an excellent example how to plan your lesson. Various methods and well-structured entirety is a simple and easy tool to build versatile, creative and functional lessons. In LessonApp one lesson is divided wisely up to five main components of the lesson. Each component includes different methods and working styles. Whether you are a craft teacher, math teacher or teaching gymnastics this app is offering you enormous amount of materials and methods to apply.

As a future teacher I think Lesson App is a small package full of information. I’m definitely going to use this tool when planning my lessons.

Katariina Schrey
Class teacher-to-be