Outdoor Exercises and Art in STEAM projects Webinar April 27th 2023


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Outdoor Exercises and Art in STEAM projects on 27th April at 17.00 (CET)


STEAM education outside the classroom


Using outdoors as a learning environment in STEAM projects has many benefits. It increases students’ motivation and engagement to study phenomena in real-life environments. Exploring things outdoors strengthens students’ relationship to nature and thus gives them more meaningful learning experiences.

Art is a key ingredient in STEAM education. Art promotes creativity, imagination and problem solving. Having art as an integral part of STEAM education fosters 21st century skills, such as collaboration, creativity and problem-solving.

Kaisa Tuomarla

This unique webinar by Finnish teacher Kaisa Tuomarla gives an inspiring introduction and practical tips of real-life Finnish outdoor and art exercises as part of the STEAM projects. During this presentation, you will also get ideas about activating and co-operative teaching methods and how to use outdoor areas as a learning environment. Kaisa Tuomarla is a Master of Education and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. She has worked as a class teacher in Finland for 20 years.


The webinar is a part of the EU-funded OTTER project (https://otter-project.eu/) that aims to spark students’ interest in science and environmental sustainability with the help of education outside the classroom methodology.

The webinar will be held using the BigBlueButton in the OTTER Hub. Joining the webinar is free and easy to attend:

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