Reijo Jouttimäki

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Main topics: Leadership, Co-operation, Teamwork, Communication Skills, Learning organization, Well-being at Work, Stress and Time Management, Vision and Strategy work, Diversity Leadership, Systems Thinking.

Reijo has more than 30 years experience in expert positions in the field of education and almost 25 years of leadership experiences in different organizations (university, polytechnic, folk high school, National Centre for Professional Development in Education, Educode Ltd, Susinno Ltd.). He has also been a leadership and management trainer since 1992 in Finland and abroad, and has participated in more than 100 programmes.



Expert, partner in, Sininen Kolmio Ltd. He is responsible for training programs in management and organization development, especially in the field of education.
He was a member of the committee (2001-2002) in Finland tasked to develop the system of Finnish principals’ in-service training. The committee members were designated by the Finnish National Board of Education.


Examples of projects abroad

  • Expert and trainer in organization development and leadership in Palestine. His main duties were to support the National Institute for Educational Trainings (NIET) leadership and management work, to support its capacity building, assist in strengthening its international networks and partnership building, and to assist in developing the principals in-service training system. He was also responsible for running a 40-training-hours Leadership and Management course for General Directors in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Palestine.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness in European staff development and in-service training programmes. This project aimed at providing a set of practical instruments to enable those in charge of staff development in schools.
    • Publication:
      • Effective Staff Development (an evaluation manual)
  • Finnish-Estonian University Level Co-operation in Distance Education (FEUCODE,). The aim of the project was to develop distance education culture in Estonian universities. The project was carried out in co-operation with three Estonian and three Finnish universities.
  • Leadership and management trainer and consultant in Russia (Carelia). He was responsible for developing both the teacher and principal in-service training system in the project called Development of Knowledge Management in the Republic of Carelia.
    • Publications:
      • Manual for principals of Professional Development
      • Teacher Handbook for Professional Development


Reijo Jouttimäki
Senior Leadership Consultant, Partner
+358 50 532 7690