Pedagogical Leadership

Pedagogical leadership is the cornerstone to leading in an educational institution. According to our understanding of leadership, every action taken by the leadership of an educational institution should be pedagogically founded.

In Learning Scoop’s training, pedagogical leadership means the systematic leading of an educational institution so that all of its operations and actions lead to pedagogy. The professional know-how of an educational institution’s leadership can be broken down into three main activities: promoting learning and know-how, developing one’s own professional leadership know-how, and enabling the staff to carry out their work. Leaders might see themselves through the abovementioned activities as administrative directors, visionaries, and directors of diversity, actors or strategists in society.  However, the common thread between all these roles is that, through them, an educational institution can be systematically developed into a pedagogical organization.

Scope: The length and content of the pedagogical leadership programme can range from 1-hour lectures to a multiple-day course. The courses will be tailored to suit the needs of each customer.

Target group:

The target group for this training consists of educational institution leaders and administrators, as well as teaching staff interested in principal’s duties.