Study Visits

Finnish way of doing at one glimpse

Are you staying in Finland just for a short time and would like to visit Finnish School? Study visits are offered on a number of themes. They comprise introduction to Finnish Education System and visits to Finnish educational institutions.

Length: from 1 day –
Where: in Tampere, Finland
When: suggest a suitable day for you!
How: half day introduction and theory – half day practical approach and visits

Kids1 _circle_Learning ScoopThemes:

  • Finnish Education System
  • Curriculum and Assessment in Finnish Comprehensive Education
  • Teacher Training in Finland
  • Educational Support: Inclusive Education, Guidance, Counselling and Student Welfare Services
  • Leadership and Management in Finnish Schools
  • Curriculum as Design in the Finnish School System
  • ICT as a Tool for Learning
  • Open and Flexible Learning Environments
  • School Design and Architecture
  • School Administration
  • Activating and Co-operational Teaching and Learning Methods
  • Educating Students with Special Needs
  • Education Promoting Entrepreneurship
  • Vocational Education as a Key to Success
  • Adult Education – Various Possibilities for Life-long Learners


Each study visit includes at least one excursion to a Finnish educational institution. The visits give clients an up-close and personal view of daily life in the Finnish classroom. Excursions include:

  • Guided visits to Finnish schools
  • Different types of schools: from pre-primary school to upper comprehensive school, small, large, special needs, etc.
  • Opportunities to become familiar with each school’s modus operandi and areas scheduled for development
  • Participation in the school’s day-to-day activities: class room, meal time, etc.
  • Opportunities to talk with teachers and students.

Kids2 _assignment_Learning ScoopParticular attention will be paid to reflecting and expanding on the experiences the participants have during their visits to various educational institutions.

Links to partner schools:
Kelho, Kaukajärvi, Lempoinen, Hakkari


  • Individual private tours: 1-day study visit 700€ + VAT 24% per person. 2-day study visit 1000€ + VAT 24% per person. Following days 400€ + VAT 24% per person/ day. Lectures, study material, visits and transportation to visit places and lunches included
  • Coming with own group? Please contact us for a quote

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