Sustainability is the new Black

Sustainable Development Goals – does it ring a bell? If you’re a development worker, campaigner or a hard-core follower of international affairs this might not be news to you. Most of the world hasn’t got a clue.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seem like a continuation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In reality, they are very different. Business didn’t focus on the MDGs because they were aimed at developing nations. The new 17 SDGs are relevant for every global company: they don’t discriminate between mature and emerging economies and their focus is on the broader issues that drive sustainable development. The SDGs are a product of two years of multi-stakeholder negotiations, including business and the private sector. All goals are agreed by all 193 member states of the UN. The aim is to unite all sectors of society to hit the targets.

The world is changing, darling. Whether you want it or not.

The current global trends and disruption as

• limited natural resources
• decreasing biodiversity and ecosystems
• digital revolution
• increasingly urbanized and migrating population

are pushing us to the limit, also in business life. Business doesn’t just impact on these global trends but business is also impacted BY these trends. Entrepreneurs and SME’s are drivers of economic growth. Sustainable development goals offer a chance to look for commercial solutions to social & environmental problems. The world needs the move from short term solutions to long term sustainable impact. Challenge yourself to think broader! SDGs are real game changers, reshaping how global business operates. Which #goals provide material to your business? Are you ready?

We at Learning Scoop identify ourselves as part of progressive businesses and have started to do this mapping. We at Learning Scoop value Sustainable Development Goal #4 Quality Education. Our aim is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Shaping the future we want.

For me personally sustainable development goals are close to my heart. I am an active citizen and I tend to spend all my leisure time around JCI movement. Junior Chamber International was one of the first organisations to have a consultative status with the United Nations (in 1954). JCI is the only non-UN organisation allowed to use the UN world map in its logo. That´s something I am really proud of.

JCI works with a range of UN organisations and bodies, including the UN Global Compact, UNESCO and the UN Foundation. Each year, JCI organises JCI Global Partnership Summit at the UN. Last summer I had a privilege to attend that summit at UN Head Quarters, in New York. The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon himself was visiting the summit and encouraged us to work – together. “We are in an error of opportunity to tackle global challenges. New heights of collaboration and action are required by all in order to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. Youth are the drivers of change and innovation.”

We have 17 goals to achieve in 15 years. We have more goals than years. Time is ticking…Just act!