Team learning (TBL) in the upper secondary school – focus changes from teaching to learning

Team-Based Learning implementation is based on four underlying principles (Michaelsen & Richards 2005):

•Groups should be properly formed (e.g. Intellectual talent should be equally distributed among the groups). These teams are fixed for the whole course.
•Students are accountable for their pre-learning and for working in teams.
•Team assignments must promote both learning and team development.
•Students must receive frequent and immediate feedback.

In this workshop we will look at Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary school and their implementation of TBL with 16 year olds. We will concentrate on the focus of the teacher changing from teaching to coaching students’ learning. What qualities does this require from the teacher? And the student? How must the school change?

Workshop is held on Thursday April 28th at 1 pm and will be led by Sanna Leinonen, Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School. Read about the Bright Education for All! INEPS Congress more here.