Time to Thank You

Here in Northern Hemisphere we are having Winter Solictice today marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. It means that Christmas and end of year is just around the corner.

It was our pleasure to host wonderful teachers, principals and education experts in Tampere, Finland throughout the year 2018. We have learned so much from you and life long connections have been created. Thank you everyone attended!


We wanted to do our share by helping Santa Claus a bit as he will be having very busy days ahead. This Christmas we gave to the children of the world in collaboration with Unicef.

Instead of sending Christmas cards or gifts to our customers or collaboration partners around the world, we have donated school-in-a-box accessories to teacher and students and some school kits to children in need.

We believe that quality education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life.

It´s time to relax and enjoy the days with beloved ones. Well deserved. We wish Happy Holidays to everyone in our global network!

Hyvää joulua – Merry Christmas! 
Joyeux Noël
Frohe Weihnachten
Selamat Natal
Meri Kirihimete
C рождеством!
Feliz Navidad
Bom Natal!
God Jul
Mutlu Noeller
Il-Milied it-Tajjeb
Chuć Mưǹg Giańg Sinh
Meri Kurisumasu めりーくりすます