Tools for promoting psychosocial skills in education

Psychosocial skills are the ability of a person to answer with efficiency daily life demands and trials. The psychosocial skills have an important role in promoting health, physical, mental and social wellness.
Psychosocial skills allow us to interact with, perceive, influence and relate to others. Researches have confirmed the interest to reinforce psychosocial skills to help risk behaviors prevention.

There are 10 psychosocial skills which are in couple :

  • Problem solving skills / ability to make decisions.
  • Having a creative thinking -/critical thinking.
  • Communicating effectively / To be ease in interpersonal relationships.
  • To get self-awareness / to have empathy for others.
  • Stress management skills / how to manage emotions.

Since 2006, The National Education in France integrated social and civic skills, autonomy and initiative, in the “Socle commun” (a minimum of skills and knowledge at the end of their curriculum). The objective of the main workshop which will be organized, will permit to discover the tools we use to work these skills. This interactive workshop is held during INEPS Congress on Wednesday April 27th at 1:30 pm and will be led Sabah Lamèche, Académie de Créteil, France.