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The Miracle of Finnish Education – How do we do it?

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We at Learning Scoop value Sustainable Development Goal #4 Quality Education.

Our aim is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education Kids2 _assignment_Learning Scoopand promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Shaping the future we want.

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Teacher Academy Finland (TAF) is a high-caliber further education program specifically designed for educators trained outside of Finland.

This diverse and comprehensive program will be held January – May 2017. Do you want to enter the powerhouse?
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The Miracle of Finnish Education – How do we do it?

Interest in the Finnish education system has grown, particularly in light of Finland’s placement in the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Annually, there are more and more groups of international visitors interested in discovering more about Finland’s education system and the factors influencing its success.

Learning Scoop is a Finnish company working in the fields of education and training. It specializes in the education development, further and in-service training programmes of teachers and principals, both in Finland and abroad. The staff comprises experienced Finnish experts and teacher trainers, who have years of experience gained through the Finnish educational community, from the national policy level to the challenges of a single school. Learning Scoop trainers have received excellent feedback for their well-executed and inspiring development and training programmes, study visits and seminars.

Learning Scoop, in co-operation with its trusted partners, provides a variety of opportunities to get acquainted with the Finnish education system and the factors influencing its success.

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