Sustainable development in education Webinar Oct 13th 2022

Title and theme:

How to transform education through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)? Finland as a leading example – EduGems Finland case studies and best practices.

Target audience:

This webinar is especially relevant to all school principals and teachers needing concrete action steps on how to incorporate it to teaching and school curricula.

You will learn about:

  • Finland as an example using ESD in curriculum
  • Latest research related to ESD and concepts
  • The main top 3-5 transitions happening in education at the moment
  • The challenges, problems, concerns and needs schools face (principals, teachers, students) in relation to these transitions/trends and how we can overcome these challenges.
  • Results, benefits, outcomes in using ESD.
  • Students as innovators “why STEAM and ESD”
  • Outdoor education and ESD
  • Learn about existing solutions in the field of ESD you can start using immediately.
  • New insights and concrete free tips, advise and resources to get started

In this webinar Dr. Marianne Juntunen together with Karla Soto and Marjo Vesterinen open up the challenges as well as the numerous opportunities related to ESD.

This webinar is a part of the EU-funded OTTER project that aims to spark students’ interest in science and environmental sustainability with the help of education outside the classroom methodology.

Webinar will be held on Zoom on Thursday, 13th of October from 16.00 to 17.15 CET. Please register here!


The concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is largely unknown to principals and schools around the world, although educational content on the subject is widely available on the Internet  – both theoretical from universities and more practical from organisations. Education for Sustainable Development teaches the knowledge, skills and attitudes (sustainability competencies) needed in the age of the sustainability revolution, in an era of pressing environmental problems.

Research and practice have clearly identified a huge need for inclusive ESD training for principals and teachers worldwide. The World’s societies are already grappling with the ongoing consequences of environmental crises and climate change.

Finland’s education system is famous and well respected around the world. EduGems has identified this need during the trainings: teachers from around the world want to draw on Finnish models based on practical experience when incorporating ESD to lessons. Principals and teachers face obstacles and pressure from parents and colleagues who do not understand the importance of Education for Sustainable Development. For schools, working with Finland, EduGems gives more support and courage to face these challenges – encouraging and motivating them to push forward in transforming education.

ps. Are you interested in learning how to transform your classroom and teaching?