7 simple steps to transform your classroom and teaching

Are you struggling with classroom management and looking for new ideas in your lesson planning? Do you want to grow into being a teacher with tools and energy to motivate your students into developing a sustainability mindset? You are not alone! Teachers all over the world share the same challenges, struggles and dreams and need new ideas for classroom management. It is time to transform your classroom!

Here are EduGems Finland’7 steps towards transforming your classroom and teaching:

Step 1: Accept that you are ready for a change! You might be bored with the same old routines and techniques you have been using for years, and lack motivation. Now it’s time to become a better teacher and appreciate your profession.

Step 2: Look into yourself and start with personal development before you take on professional development. Show your students that you also can grow as a teacher. Learn ways to gain confidence

Step 3: Turn your limitations into benefits. As with students also teachers have their unique sets of superpowers! Learn how to use them.

Step 4: Are you and your students equipped with the right tools and knowledge needed in today’s world? What are the 21st century skills and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)? How can you teach these subjects?

Step 5: Uncertain how to make a change? Learn from other teachers with years of experience from the best education system in the world, Finland, and get their best tips on classroom management and lesson planning.

Step 6. You are not alone in the classroom! Actively involving students in planning can make a big difference. Discover ways to shift your students’ thinking and attitude and increase their participation.

Step 7. Start with small changes, test, adapt and try again! Encourage and guide your school and colleagues towards new learning methods!

So, get ready to receive praise for equipping your students with 21st century skills, transform your classroom and watch your students´ motivation and joy of learning increase!

Original text is written by EduGems Finland.

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