Lifelong learning in Finland

Finland is known for its high quality education system and especially for its successful basic education. What is far less generally known, is the strong Finnish adult education and versatile opportunities for lifelong learning in Finland. Finnish education policy makes it easy to be a lifelong learner. There are no

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Who cares about the wellbeing of teachers?

“When teachers are experiencing wellbeing in their work, the whole school has the opportunity to thrive.” Reetta Yrttiaho & Susanna Posio 2021 Finland is known for high respect for our well-educated teachers. Finnish teachers also enjoy exceptionally high autonomy in their work which has given them large latitude to carry

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Newspaper week in Finnish schools

What is news? What is the difference between journalism and a blog post? What kind of information can be trusted? These type of questions are discussed in Finnish schools this week. Today starts Newspaper theme week that is celebrated in schools around Finland. The local media supports this theme week

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