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Practicum in Teacher Academy Finland

It is difficult to truly understand what Finnish basic education principles actually mean until you have visited a Finnish school. People have to see for themselves how these principles are implemented, every day, at school.

That’s why during Teacher Academy Finland, TAF participants have a unique opportunity to take part in the everyday life of Finnish schools by visiting them, observing and participating in their daily activities for one week every month (all together five weeks).


The practicum periods include:

* participation in the daily activities of Finnish schools, including lessons, school lunches, physical education, recesses etc.

* opportunities to talk with teachers, principals and students

* possible participation in special occasions, parties, celebrations etc. at schools

* Finnish theacher as a tutor, guiding and explaining the school’s practices and answering questions

* depending on the school’s situation it can be possible to give lessons to Finnish students or to co-teach with a Finnish teacher

* an opportunity to visit at least four different Finnish schools for one week each (in addition there are a lot of shorter visits to Finnish schools and educational institutions in Teacher Academy Finland program)


Every practicum period has its own theme/s. Prior to each practicum period there is theory instruction on the topics in question. The themes of the practicum periods are:

– Period 1: Springboard into Finnish basic education: how does it work in practice?

– Period 2: Finnish curriculum and teaching methods

– Period 3: Evaluation and assessment practices in Finnish basic education; The use of ICT in Finnish basic education

– Period 4: How to teach specific subjects; Support, special education and guidance in Finnish schools

– Period 5: Diverse learning environments (possibly participating in a study camp or field trip) OR pedagogical leadership, interviewing principals



This is a unique opportunity rarely provided for foreign teachers and visitors in Finland. See, feel and experience the phenomenon of Finnish education yourself!