Arctic Pedagogy Study Tour

Arctic Pedagogy Study Tour

Arctic Study Tour combines the Magic of Northern Finland and top-quality pedagogical content. Arctic study tour presents the core elements of Finnish basic education and offers visitors the chance to dive deep into Finnish pedagogical innovations in magical winter setting.

Target groups: teachers, principals, school owners, anyone interested in Finnish K-9 basic education, Finland’s excellent learning results, Finnish pedagogy, and the latest educational innovations

Objectives: The program presents visitors the core elements of Finnish basic (K-9) education, especially curriculum, learning environment and pedagogy. It also highlights the factors influencing Finland’s success in international learning comparisons. Furthermore, the program offers participants first-hand experiences about everyday life in Finnish schools and classrooms and a chance to witness educational innovations in Finnish basic education themselves.

Where: Oulu, Northern Finland.

Next pre-scheduled study tour:

February 7th – 13th 2022

On request for groups, contact us!

Educational program daily at 9am – 3pm in English

The tour will be organized with minimum of 10 participants.


Monday: Introduction to the Finnish Education System

  • Introduction to the Finnish Education system and its core principles: trust, equality, emphasis on well-being, learning life-skills etc.
  • Paradoxes of Finnish Education: Less is More, No dead ends etc.
  • School visit to Oulujoen alakoulu, grades 1-6
  • Welcoming dinner (option to Sunday evening)


Tuesday: Curriculum and Assessment in the Finnish Basic Education

  • Learner centered approach in Finnish basic education
  • National core curriculum: from transversal competencies to multi-disciplinary study units
  • Assessment in the Finnish Basic Education: continuous assessment, but no national tests
  • New learning environments
  • School visit to Metsokangas Comprehensive School, grades 1-9


IT and digital learning aids in basic education

  • Digital change in Finnish education
  • From information seeking to information creation
  • ICT tools, infrastructure and usability
  • EdTech devices, digital teaching and learning applications and programs in basic education
  • Digital learning materials and edugames
  • Media education
  • LessonApp – a mobile tool to design quality lessons The Finnish way
  • eBooks
  • Visit to Local School

Evening program: Finnish outdoor culture & Sauna experience

  • snow fun: cross country skiing or sledging
  • ice-hole dipping and sauna


Thursday: Environmental education and outdoor learning

  • Environmental education and sustainability in national core curriculum
  • Outdoor learning: discovery, experimentation, learning about and connecting to nature, adventure activities
  • What are the benefits of outdoor learning?
  • Nature as a learning environment
  • Environmental education: information, skills, attitudes and values
  • Sustainable development as a learning goal
  • Visit to Timosenkoski nature school

Friday: Versatile pedagogy for different learners

  • Versatile teaching methods based on the new curriculum
  • STEAM projects – multidisciplinary study units
  • Värkkäämö Maker Space
  • Flexible Basic Education – a way to gain lost school motivation
  • School visit to Yli-Ii School, grades 1-9
  • Visit to reindeer farm with the students

Evening program: Get-together 


Saturday: Excursion to Winter Wonderland

  • Guided bus tour
  • Visit to SnowCastle in Kemi
  • Lunch
  • Visit to Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle
  • Bus transportation back to Oulu
  • Dinner


Sunday: Outdoor Activities and Wrap-up

  • Husky Dog Sledding
  • Farewell Lunch
  • Reflection of the programme
  • Certificates of Participation


Training methods: The program includes workshops by Finnish education experts to the various themes mentioned above.

Trainers: Learning Scoop is a Finnish company working in the fields of education and training. The staff comprises experienced teachers, principals and early childhood education experts, who have received excellent feedback on their work.

The trainers at Learning Scoop have years of teaching experience gained through the Finnish educational community and through teacher training. Learning Scoop trainers have received outstanding feedback for their well-executed and inspiring training sessions and study visits.

Costs: The price for individual participant is 2350e+ possible VAT 24% / person

Group prices:
Please ask for an offer!

The program includes presentations by the expert trainers, study material, school visits and bus transportation to visit places, certificate of participation, Premium version of LessonApp for free for a year, Book Finnish Education in Practice: What, Why and How, lunches, dinners mentioned in the program, Outdoor activities and Sauna Experience, Husky Dog Sledding, Get-together, Excursion to Winter Wonderland, Entrance Fee to SnowCastle, expert trainers and hosts at your service.


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