Expert of Finnish education

Learning Scoop offers various opportunities to become acquainted with the Finnish education system: from individual lectures and Study Tours to Edu Congresses and long-term educational programmes like Teacher Academy Finland.

ls_textbox_purple14How we work?


The basic idea behind Learning Scoop’s business is simple. The aim is to scoop up the best practices in Finnish education and refine them to serve the needs of international clients. The company also looks for ideas from other education systems and offers them as models for Finnish organizations. There are also plenty of good practices to be shared domestically.

The Learning Scoop is a virtual network community. The Learning Scoop cooperative was created to promote learning and expertise and to seriously focus on global education. The aim is to export Finnish education expertise all over the world, to import good practices to Finland and to be a flexible partner for major organizations that need help with the planning, implementation and assessment of education and training.

The Learning Scoop’s core know-how centres on teaching people how to teach people. Learning Scoop has focused on teaching about and using active and action-based learning methods in its work, and it leads by example. By using activating and collaborative working methods, sessions provide learners with personal and professional growth opportunities and experiences.




The education and training industry needs organizations that are able to focus all their energy on trans-national education, accepting all kinds of invitations to tender and finding that someone to do the work. This is exactly the gap that Learning Scoop is filling. Invitations to tender regarding all types of education and training from all levels are welcome. The pedagogical approach and the frame of the training plan are based on Learning Scoop’s own expertise, while the company gets the content quickly from its network.

We cannot do everything, so we rely on partners with mutual objectives, and together, we offer high quality education. Our flexibility and light structure are our assets. We can plan a training program quickly based on the client’s wishes, without bureaucracy or weeks of working group activities.

Strong network enables us to organize Edu Congresses as well – see what was created for INEPS Congress 2016 (International Network for Productive Schools and Projects).

See also the inspiring video clip which leads to the roots about learning and our logo.